Geological & Hydrogeological Services


GeoSurv Global have experienced and young enthusiastic geologists with a good understanding of the mining terrain in Ghana and the sub-region. With rich knowledge of the geology of the sub-region, exploration projects are carried out to the highest standard with quality technical expertise to generate targets and technical reports conforming to international reporting standards. Exploration projects are completed within limited timeframe at lower cost to our clients. Samples are treated with the best practices whiles ensuring quality laboratory audits and analysis to conform to international requirements. General geological consultancy including property evaluation is provided to our clients to determine the viability of a mining concession. List of the long range of geological services provided by the company include and not limited to these;


Geological, Regolith and Structural mapping


Large soil sampling, pitting, trenching and stream sediments programs


All drilling programs including Auger, Air Core, RC and DD


Lithological, Geotechnical and structural logging


These services are undertaken for hydrogeological investigations and environmental assessment to delineate suitable sites for borehole drilling as well as aquifer characterization.  The survey is carried out in four (4) phases;

  1. Phase 1: Environmental Impact Assessment
  2. Phase 2: Geophysical Survey
  3. Phase 3: Drilling and Construction
  4. Phase 4: Borehole Mechanization and Pump Installation